You have the potential to create a profitable online course.

Give yourself more time to spend with your family and on your own life... and make money too.

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Unlock your potential and unleash your business

I used to believe that success depended on hard work and long hours at my desk. I spent 12 years telling myself that if I worked harder than anyone else and put in more effort, I would be more successful.

Yes, my business was very successful, but my work habits weren't sustainable. While one area of my life flourished, the others took a back seat... my family and myself. It wasn't a way of life I wanted to continue.

Sound familiar?


Online courses are booming. They can work for you too.

It's never been easier to start a business.

Thanks to online software, payment integrations, social media and access to outsourcing, the cost and ease of starting an online business has dropped dramatically. In fact, you can go from idea to a registered, marketed and launched online business for under $5,000.

And the earning potential of that business is far greater.

If you are ready to take control of your time, money and potential, developing your own business could be the smartest investment you ever make.

... Sure, technology makes it possible but easy?

You've never done anything like this before and the idea of creating a website and setting up payment gateways makes you sweaty. You see successful business leaders talking about funnels and engagement and half of it doesn't even make sense.

... And then there's your course topic. Lots of entrepreneurs have the jump on you. What's the point when it's all been done before? How will YOU make it a success?


Let me stop you right there

What if you had an experienced guide, helping you refine your ideas down to the one that brings it all together - your knowledge, your experience and your passion.

What if you had a step-by-step playbook for developing a course, a website and a launch strategy and a support team to help you make it all happen.

Join the millions of people making a living with online courses!

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What we cover in the course

EVERYTHING to make it simple and straight forward to turn your idea into a money making online course.

  • Module 1 - Getting clear on your idea
  • Module 2 - Setting up your business
  • Module 3 - Mapping out your first course
  • Module 4 - Developing your course content
  • Module 5 - Designing your brand & program materials
  • Module 6 - Your website
  • Module 7 - Your offer
  • Module 8 - Road to LAUNCH party
  • Bonuses & tech resources



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